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BlessPH Now Serves 241 Countries

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Good news to all online shoppers! BlessPH is now serving 241 countries with quality but very affordable factory priced products! For lovers of elegant,quality and affordable factory priced watches you can click this link CLICK HERE and check BlessPH's newly released quality watches.

BlessPH is an online general store that offers almost everything under the sun at factory prices and accepts different kinds of convenient payment methods in purchasing its products. Payments accepted are: Paypal & Credit card. Payments done through its website using Paypal or Credit cards are 100% safe and secured because its website is using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). SSL or Secure Sockets Layer Certificates are an integral part of website security. When you visit a website with SSL,the site's SSL certificate enables you to encrypt the data you send - such as credit card information,names or addresses - so it can't be accessed by hackers. Banks websites are using SSL to provide privacy and security to their clients when entering their sensitive infos, like passwords,etc.

How to know that the website is using SSL? How does it look like?

If you visit a website,before you enter any sensitive information especially your Credit card or Paypal account,make sure that there is a padlock and its web address starts with https. Never enter your sensitive information in a website with a web address starts with www only for example www.sample.com .
Secured website: (Padlock icon + secure) https://www.sample.com
Not Secured Website : www.sample.com


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